The plan of the Hamas:
The Hamas has been building for the last 12 years underground tunnels from Gaza that lead into Israel. The plan was to put in each tunnel 30 terrorists that would go into Israel and kidnap Israelis and bring them to Gaza in order that first Israel wouldn’t attack Gaza and second to kill them. The rest of the plan was that more terrorists would enter Israel and murder innocent Israelis , destroy Israel and the Jewish people and to conquer all Zion. This was supposed to happen in Rosh Hashanahs, the Jewish new year holiday.

Can’t understand why the world support the terror. This is why The IDF won’t finish it’s job against the Hamas. I am sure that others countries would do the same as Israel if they lived for more than 60 years under terror. If you really cared about humanity, you would go against The Hamas that causes death and terror not only to Israel but also to it’s own people, to Gaza’s civilians.

btw there is a wall that separates between Israel and Gaza because before the wall there were more terrorists attacks. If now there are like 2 -3 every week in Israel and 7 tries of the Hamas before it was more. So in other words, it is all the Hamas’ fault. Free Israel from the Hamas’ terror!
And for the Americans, Iran supports the Hamas, North Korea supports Iran, so if israel is destroyed( and it will never happen) America, you will be the next target and live under the terror Israel has been living from the day it founded in 1947-1948.

Just to mention : a. The names “palestine” and “jerusalem” are not mentioned nor once in the Koran. In fact the Koran says that Zion ( as called today Israel) belongs to the Jews. B. the name “palestina” was given to Zion by the romans that ruled here 2000 years ago after a people named “philistines” that were gone long ago around Europe after the falling of the Romans. C. Those arabs who call themselves “palestines” are actually from Egypt and Iraq. D. There was never an arabic or islamic state that ruled in Israel in the last 2000 years before Israel. This land has always been ruled by different empires ( as the romans that during that period Jesus was born to the Jewish people and died ) E. even though the Jews have right to live in their homeland, Israel recognizes the different peoples that started to settle here in the last 2000 years before Israel ( for example the Druzes, Bedouins) but most of the arabs don’t recognize the right of the Jews to have a state and live in their homeland. Sad right? Even though they (the arabs )have never HAD a state in Zion. Israel is the fourth Jewish state in Zion ( Israel united kingdom, Israel and Juda after the separation, The Hasmoneans state ( the Hasmoneans were a Jewish family that ruled in Zion as the Jewish state before the Romans came to Zion )

לדעתי, סיפורי אהבה כואבים ועצובים גורמים לנו יותר להרגיש מה זה לאהוב מישהו מאשר אם הכול תמיד טוב, יפה ומאה אחוז. אבל… בבקשה שלא יהיה יותר מידי אכזרי. לצערנו, זה יותר מידי אכזרי. 


Hamas has put Shuja’iya’s residents in the line of fire!The IDF warned civilians in Shuja’iya to evacuate the area many days before striking the terror infrastructure within it. Dropping leaflets, making phone calls and sending text messages are just some of the many actions the IDF has been taking to minimize civilian casualties in Gaza.Hamas knows that Israel is reluctant to attack areas with many civilians. The terrorist organization fights from within civilian population and uses them as human shields.Hamas ordered the residents of Shuja’iya to ignore the IDF’s warning and stay in the neighborhood. By doing so, Hamas put them in the line of fire.Despite the fact that many of the residents ignored warnings and didn’t leave the neighborhood, the IDF continued to operate in the most precise and surgical way possible, targeting only terrorists and their infrastructure.Watch original video from Al-Aqsa TV:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TERz6YgOIGo&feature=youtu.be

The pollywood LIES of the Palestinians. Really, PATHETIC. If those Palestinians really cared about this woman [ from their people ] they would go against Assad, no? Do they do it? no. What they do? take this photos and claim Israel did it eventhough Israel didn’t. So let me say - they are fucking cruel to their brothers and cause them death and they cry and blame Israel? HOW THE WORLD SUPPORT IT?


POPTEEN 2014年03月♡
"We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We can not forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us"
【Golda Meir - Former Prime Minister of Israel  】

Turkish people in Austria attacked Israeli soccer players during a game and said: ” stinky Jews”. Why The world NEVER cares when Israelis are attacked by terror? The world is pathetic, calls for peace and support violence against Israelis and Jews secretly. FIRST talk about JUSTICE, than about PEACE!