I have seen some blogs around that used this kind map in order to show that Israel doesn’t supposed to be existed. So I brought the REAL map here. I see that people love to mix the history and to twist it but for me it is not acceptable. Well, when the reality is not what you wanted it to be you try to hid it or deny it, but when it comes to people’s lives, it is not just another thing that humans can’t deal with. It is not that your love left you or you got fired. I know my history very well, I know what my own family has been through all over these years, you won’t tell me what is MY history, especially when you don’t actually know what it is like living in the middle east and what really happens here. Lets go back through history, when the Romans ruled in Zion. After that second Jewish state [Hasmonean State] had fallen the Romans ruled here. They conquered Israel, and not only Israel [ as was known in that period Judea ] The Jews were the most in the area although there were different people around that some of them came along when the Romans started to rule here. Herod was from the Edom people and converted to Judaism even though the Jews didn’t like him. In one hand he contributed to Judah but on another hand He didn’t respect the Jews at all and treated them badly. But to compare to what was next after him to Judea, he was paradise. After his death the Romans placed in Judea commissioners. They treated the Jews badly and with disrespect. The Jews rebelled the Romans, but some were against and wanted first to talk directly with Rome but the most didn’t want to continue to live like it. This uprising called the Great Rebellion. The result was really bad. The Second Temple was destroyed and many Jews were murdered. Yet, The Jews were the most in Judea. 60 years later there was another rebellion. It is called  Bar Kochba Revolt. The results were even worser than the Great Rebellion. Jerusalem was ruined and was left without a wall. Many Jews were murdered and The Romans imposed different hard decrees on the Jews like - ” If you study Bible you will be executed” and more like it. In the end, in order to break all ties that the Judaism had with Judea the Romans called Jerusalem Alia Capitolina and only strangers were allowed to live in it, not the Jews. And The Romans Changed Judea’s name to “Palestina” after the people named “Philistines”  that lived next to Judea in that period and in the Bible. At the end, The Romans expelled the Jews from Zion, and then a new period in the Jewish history, 2000 years of Exile. Although, the Jews were expelled, really great ones were intended to return to Zion and actually did and started new Jewish communities in Zion. They were small but still, there were Jews there. One of those great Jews was Donna Garcia.  But still, most of the Jews were in exile and suffered so much for example: Inquisition, the Holocaust, The Pogroms in Russia, Emancipation [even though it was giving rights to the Jews in europe but the results of it were bad too ]. My own family suffered the Holocaust and The Pogroms in Russia. My grand grandmother was only 2 years old when here mother was murdered. She and her father were forced to leave every place like they were animals that escaped from hunters. My grandfather had 11 sisters and brothers, they were sent to Ghetto Theresienstadt. Nobody from his family survived. I have more to tell about the Holocaust but we need to continue. The Zionist movement during those years was reunited thanks to Herzl and then more Jews started to come back to Israel and to renew the Jewish communities in Israel. A huge wave of Jewish immigrants from Europe and from Yemen arrived to Israel. It was around the end of the Ottoman Empire rule in Zion. After the Ottoman the British Conquered Zion. The Jews and the Arabs were in the same position under the British rule.  I am sure that you are asking yourself, “wait what? when did the Arabs suddenly came?” Well, the answer is that those Arabs came from Egypt  and Iraq and started to settle in Zion during those 2000 years. Also different kind of people came along like the Druzes or the Bedouins. After second world war more Jews started to come to Israel, the British at first supported the Zionists but then the Arabs started rebel against the British and the Jewish community [ you can look for the White book and Meora’ot Tarpat and more ] In the end the UN went with an announcement: Two countries to 2 people: A Jewish state and an Arabic state. 70% of the land was given actually to the Arabs and Jerusalem was supposed to be under the UN’s control. The Jews accepted the offer but the Arabs didn’t and started a war against the Jewish community in Zion. The Jewish community barely had an army and soldiers and 5 big countries started a war on the Jews. Those countries were Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt  and Syria. During that were Israel was founded and in the end, Israel won the war. Since those days, the Arabic countries started every time wars against Israel [ 1967, 1973 as examples ] the Arabs kidnapped and murdered more than thousands Israelis and cause more than thousands terrorists attacks in Israel. Most of those Israelis that were murdered the World didn’t care, mostly all those terrorists attacks the world don’t mind. Why? when it comes that Jews are killed it is ok for the world. For more than 60 years the Israelis suffer from wars and terror by the Arabs in the west bank and Gaza and the 22 Arabic countries around. There is a wall the separates between Gaza to Israel because there were many terrorists that entered Israel and murdered many innocents in Israel. Israel left Gaza 9 years ago and doesn’t rule in the west bank. 1967’s borders as the world wanted for peace. Even though Israel also supplies food, cloths and electricity to Gaza’s civilians. The world love to deny this fact or to hide it. The Hamas who rules for now in Gaza, takes and uses most of the civilians’ money for having weapons and underground tunnels. More than 150 children were killed by the Hamas in order to build those underground terror tunnels that lead into Israel in order to make terrorists attacks. The Hamas has been building them for 12 years. It’s plan was that in the Jewish New year evening, Rosh Hashanah, The Hamas would put in each tunnel 30 terrorists that would inter Israel and make a lot of terrorists attacks in Israel and kidnap innocents and murder them. More than 100 rockets that the Hamas fired in those last weeks fell within Gaza and killed civilians in Gaza, yet Israel was blamed for that also. The Hamas uses innocents as humans shields in Gaza, fires from civilians’ houses, hospitals, mosques, schools, children’s playgrounds and even cemeteries and orders civilians not to listen to the IDF’s warnings. When the British attacked in Afghanistan, did they warned the civilians ? No. Many civilians were murdered, did the world care? No. Every time the IDF attacks the IDF warns and gives time to move, yet the civilians don’t listen and on purpose don’t move and when the IDF finally attacks they cry that they got hurt. Some of them didn’t move because the Hamas ordered them not to and some are actually support the Hamas. The Hamas’ motto: “We believe in death as much as the Jews believe in life” The Hamas doesn’t care when it’s own people die, the Hamas doesn’t care to kill with it’s own hands it’s people in order to destroy Israel. ” When the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us then there will be peace”. Israel offered territories to the Arabs, Israel gave territories to the Arabs, yet the Arabs didn’t accepted it and wanted more. Israel also doesn’t care to accept two countries to 2 people as the UN offered in 1947 and now Israel returned to 1967’s borders. The world put pressure on Israel to return to 1967 borders for peace. Yet, there is no peace. The Israeli flag was first raised in 1897 when the “Palestinian” flag was first raised in 1964 [ 16 years after Israel was founded ] A Palestinian state for the “Palestinians” wasn’t existed and the Arabs in Israel never had a government before Israel was founded. An arabic state or Islamic state were not existed in Zion but Israel is the third Jewish state in the area. 
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Just to mention : Israel is not against Gaza, Israel is against the Hamas that uses Gaza’s civilians as humans shields and thus causes their death on purpose. The names “Palestine” and “Jerusalem” are not mentioned in the Quran. It is written in the Quran that Zion, Judea, Israel belongs to the Jews. Israel doesn’t mind to let the Arabs have their own state in Gaza in the west bank and offered areas for peace but it wasn’t enough for the Arabs. Israel is sorry for each person who was killed in every war, from it’s side and the enemy’s. Israel opened a hospital to Gaza’s civilians and also treated Gaza’s hurt civilians. One of the Italian journalist revealed the truth about what is happening in Gaza and said the Hamas also controls the strangers journalists in Gaza. 
and if you still want to curse me or mock me on private, save it, i will send you this post again and again. 

I was looking in Israeli famous people pages and profiles in Facebook and Instagram and see what i saw: there were a lot of Palestinians hate comments. I want to understand, what is your problem? Do you really think that sending ” Bitch baby killer” or “free palestine” and act like animals mean you are right? No. You are acting like animals, not us. Those comments are really pathetic. Seriously, free palestine? This state wasn’t even existed also not mentioned in the Quran as well as Jerusalem.

we consider people like you as ignorants because you all love to take the history and the truth and mix them thus you don’t only hurt and kill innocent Jews and Israeli but also innocent from your own people. But when you actually make innocent Arabic children’s death you blame Israel. As it is in the history a State named Palestine has never been existed. There was a Jewish community before Israel was founded and before the British that ruled here before Israel. As well for more 4000 years ( it is written in the Bible, the new Bible and also the Quran that recognizes the right of the Jews to live in Zion, their homeland) An Arabic or Islamic state has never been existed in this area but Israel is the third Jewish state in Zion. So free “Palestine” from what? From Wonderland? Also you love to ignore the fact that Gaza’s civilians are used by the Hamas as humans shields, thus they die, and don’t think that they die by Israel actually, the Hamas causes the death of hundreds in Gaza. How? As i said : humans shields but also fires rockets and bombs from civilians’ houses, hospitals, schools, children’s playgrounds. As you must know if you actually live in Gaza, 20 Palestinians blames the Hamas for the damages their, not Israel. But as a respond the Hamas murdered them. And you are pro humanity? More than 150 children in Gaza were murdered by the Hamas in order to build underground tunnels that lead right into Israel for making more terror in Israel and murder innocent Israeli’s. The Israelis are not less humans than those 150 children. But see, the difference between the Hamas and Israel is that Israel uses the civilians money to protect them in Gaza the Hamas not only uses them as humans shields but takes also all their money in order to have more weapons and as i said more than 150 children were murdered on the way too. So let me understand, why wouldn’t i think you are ignorant when you cant understand that Israel is against the Hamas, not Gaza’s civilians. As well you can’t deal with the fact that YES Israel offered a lot of times to give land to the Palestinians yet they didn’t accepted it. Why? They don’t want to recognize the Fact that yes, Here, Zion, is their homeland. As an Israeli, we are very sorry and sad for any person that dies and not only from our side as well. But we love our family more than strangers and when we are unstopping attack for more than 14 years by the Hamas, why wouldn’t us defend ourselves? Do you actually expects us to let the Hamas kill us? Not any country would accept this either. I can see how the world loves to hide the facts and only look on the side which children in Gaza dies during these weeks. But let me ask you - when the Hamas uses innocent people in Gaza as well children, how wouldn’t they die? When the Hamas fired more than 100 rockets that fell on purpose within Gaza, how wouldn’t they die? When the Hamas fires rockets and bombs from hospitals, civilians’ houses, schools, children’s playgrounds and even mosques to Israel in order to kill innocent in Israel, how wouldn’t they die? When thaw Hamas orders them NOT to listen to The IDF’s warnings and also to be around firing areas beside what i mentioned above, how wouldn’t they die? And stop with the crapes ” where would they go ? They don’t have nowhere to go ” They do have. To different areas in Gaza, camps and hospitals the Israel opened especially for Gaza’s civilians. When the IDF attacks the Hamas, it doesn’t attack everywhere in Gaza at the same time. The IDF attacks the Hamas’ authorities and firing areas, every time in a specific place and if there are civilians their the IDF warns and gives time for them to move. But most only move actually when the IDF comes on purpose to blame the IDF even though they were warned long ago. You know your religion, i also know, and i know that life is not important to you. When the British attacked in Afghanistan, thousands of innocent people were killed by the British, no one said a word for it. So stop being hypocrite because when thousands in Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabis are murdered by their own leaders, why the world doesn’t cry for them? Or tries to help them? But when the Hamas attacks Israel and uses innocents as humans shields and when Israel defends itself now you got to remember you are pro “humanity” ? No, you don’t really care from your people, nor those in Gaza, but when it comes that Israel is also a side in the story you wake up? See, it is not you being pro “palestine” or “humanity” it is only you being another racist person in the world. Millions like you were here before you, stronger than you and smarter than you, but even them didn’t succeed destroying Israel and the Jews. You see, the good guys always win, and through-this this history the Jewish people suffered by different enemies each time with different forms or disguise, but we are still here because the good guys always stay and the Jewish people are here to stay even all of your twists and abuse. God is with us. Oh btw, the Hamas attacked also jerusalem on purpose, of course, so don’t even think that this Holy land belongs only to the people who are intended to destroy the holy city of God? Stop thinking of saying ” you are murders ” the only murder i see here is you. You know what i mean and if you don’t you are welcomed to read everything i wrote more and more and also to look on youtube ” The son of Hamas” an interview in the CNN with a palestinian that his father is one of the Hamas’ founders. I am sure you will be interested. If you still can’t accept the truth and the real history ( the bible, the Romans, the Ottomans, the British, 1947-1949 ) this is your own problem now because Israel will always be and now we won’t move anymore and won’t let others to bring us down, we are the Jews have been through a lot, things noun of your brothers has bern through and will never be. When in Israel the government uses money for shelters, safety rooms in each house, building and street, and fir alarms and sirens that warn Israelis from Hamas’ attacks and in the top: the Iron dome that destroys the Hamas bombs before it hit on the ground the Hamas kills it’s own people with his own hands, actions and words and by it’s manipulations, really cheap one but as you know when the Jews is one side of the story the world will always prepare the other side even though they know where is the justice, even though that it costs also in Gaza’s civilians’ lives.People like you are under brain wash, manipulations not actually by the Hamas but by the World’s media. The truth hurts, you will curse, scream, tell more lies, fake stories about Israel and the IDF but it won’t help. Israel is existed and will always be and this fact eats you without a salt and the real truth about the middle east hunts you and you try as everybody to hide it, But AM Yiserael Hai Ve KAIAM. עם ישראל חי וקים. So when you will get a brain and face the facts than if you really want to save your brothers, don’t go against Israel, go against the Hamas that brings terror not only to the Jews but also to the palestinians. Israel doesn’t care to let the Arabs have a state near us, Israel doesn’t want wars with the Arabs, but the problem is the Hamas wants war and you support it, not Israel. So do me a break.

You all love to ignore the fact that the Hamas uses innocents as humans shields, and the fact the Hamas prevents from civilians to move and force them to stay around firing places. You love the ignore the fact that the Hamas fires rockets and bombs from civilians’ houses, children’s playgrounds, schools, streets, hospitals, mosques… Uses all civilians’ money to built underground tunnels and thus they don’t have food. More than 150 children were killed by the Hamas in order to build terror tunnels. Are you going to blame Israel for that also? You all love only to look on how many were killed not why they were killed. You are a terrorist by yourself.


It’s really pathetic that Gaza cries to thr UN and blames Israel for nothing. 

Ask yourself, how did this turn into this? The Hamas is the answer. 

The Hamas uses its civilians to hurt ours. 

i don’t understand how you all notice those little things in the trailer.


Israel is Forever.
עם ישראל חי - The people of Israel live.

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