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Now the world blames Israel for the rise of ISIS. The world claims that because the Israeli-Palestinian conflict ,that has started long ago, is the source of ISIS. Seriously ?
Are you dyslexics? deafs? ISIS’ goal is to turn the whole world into one Islamic state, not only to destroy Israel and the Jews, also the others countries and people. We share the SAME problem, why do you always love to blame the Jews for everything ? I have been living under that Arabic terror since the day I was born, I have seen death, I have seen sorrow I know what a war taste like. Not good for sure. And you? What you ignorant Americans, Europeans know about terrorists attacks? We the Jews have been suffering for those for CENTURIES ! Even now the world only looks to blame Israel instead of doing actually something. Why? It is easy to blame Israel, It is convenient to the world, It is normal to the world to blame the Jews for everything.
Even if this conflict wasn’t existed, the world would find another way to blame Israel for this. And yes ISIS would rise even if the Israeli- Palestinian conflict wasn’t existed.

Ok now READ this - ISIS WANTS TO TURN THE WHOLE WORLD INTO ONE ISLAMIC STATE. This didn’t happen because of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict so do me a break ! it is happening because it is normal in the Islam to force people to convert to Islam. THIS IS NOT NEW AND IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN LIKE THIS.

So now that you are one step form the terror to enter through your door, you ran and accuse Israel in order not to be responsible for the bloods you stand on? Your hands are dirty as ISIS for me. 

Anonymous: you're fucking disgusting. You ship Ichihime and Sasusaku? You are wasting your time, they are both fail ships. lol at you.
  I heard that Europe declared that Jews that have criminal past that live in the settlements won’t be able to enter to Europe. It is called ” The Black List”. I seriously don’t understand this world anymore. Why? While letting terrorists enter Europe whenever they want in order to attack Jews, and when the Anti-Semites smash Jews’ shops, synagogues and hoses in Europe it is OK for Europ and even ISIS acions and dids that get worse, we all know what’s ISIS’ goal, the only thing that the wold speaks is the settlements. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU ? Do you think that ignoring the radical terror organizations like ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah and al Qaeda is ok and the only issue in the middle east is the settlement ? If yes, than you are not only stand on innocent Israelis’ blood also Arabs as well. Europe, after everything you have done to us, the Jews, for centuries, you became an huge and brutal cemetery of Jews, we give a damn on your bullshit. Today, you have in you million of million muslems, part of them are radical muslems that support organizations as ISIS, that their goal is to destroy not only Israel, not only America, also you Europe and turn the world into one Islamic state, those muslims that when the years will pass start to make in you revolutions,
please, DO NOT come to Israel to ask for advice how to deal with terror. Why? Nobody never helped us fighting the terror, only accused us, slandered us. When you live under the terror, when you see in your eyes the attacks, when you feel it on yourself, think that a Jew lives like this for more than 2000 years.

Dear Haters,
Reflect on this. Even Naruto himself said that he can’t stand people who lie to themselves. So haters, please don’t lie to yourselves any longer…Because it’s going to be SasuSaku and NaruHina anyway.:3 ♥
#SasuSaku#NaruHina#ProSasuSaku#ProNaruHina#TeamSasuSaku#TeamNaruHinaSasuSaku and NaruHina all the way!!! ♥

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